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Cyber crime is always evolving, and new threat vectors are always emerging. Protect your organisation, employees and data from the latest attacks with tailored Managed Cyber Security, designed to provide the most robust defences.

Protect your business with advanced cyber security services and solutions

Cybercrime is the primary threat to your business. In a recent report published by PwC, 49% of respondents confirmed they had experienced cybercrime within the last two years. Given that there’s a hacking attempt on average every 39 seconds on average, this is not surprising.

Cybercrime is the top fraud

Stay one step ahead with Managed Cyber Security services and solutions

Your business needs to use whatever strategies it can to stay on top of evolving digital threats and technologies. This is where our affordable Total Protection Suite comes in.


What’s included in our cyber security services and solutions?

We use best-of-breed providers to deliver a bespoke cyber security services and solutions, designed to protect your business systems, network, and data. To ensure your systems are protected, we work with you and your business and utilise the following combination of techniques.

You’re in safe hands

Tiedata’s cyber security team has 40 years of experience protecting businesses like yours from cyber security threats. So, no matter what the threat might be to your business, Tiedata can provide the cyber security services and solutions that are right for you.

Your cyber security services and solutions require a view from multiple vectors

In 2019, Tiedata and our partners stopped over 9 million attacks in the UK. That’s one attack every 20 minutes. Also, 66% of malware is known as ‘zero day’ which is malware where there is no known patch or AV definition.

Tiedata understands that cyber attacks need to be fought from all corners of your infrastructure. This is because prevention is much better – both in terms of cost and in terms of maintaining productivity than the cure – both in terms of cost and in terms of maintaining productivity.

Since the emergence of ransomware, clients using our recommended cyber security services and solutions have had a 100% protection success rate. That means none of our clients using our advanced technologies has been a cyber victim.

Our Malware Defence and Recovery Solutions include prevention, monitoring, and recovery.

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