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3 Obstacles to Cloud Success

Business decision-makers all over the world realise now that Cloud strategies have to become a priority. While most businesses use the Cloud in a somewhat ambiguous way, not enough of them have a clear plan that is set up with specific obstacles in mind.  

There are three primary factors that no business wants on – money, time and control.  

Here’s how to overcome these obstacles to your Cloud success: 

Wasted Money 

No one wants to pay for more than they need. It’s essential to look at precisely what is included in your Cloud solution and that you have the best deal for your business. Many Cloud packages, including Microsoft Cloud solutions, have extra licenses that users pay for but rarely use. 

Ensuring that you can are only paying for Cloud services that benefit your business strategy is the key to successfully optimising the Cloud. Working with a Managed Service Provider is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best Cloud solution for your specific business needs.  

Wasted time 

One of the primary reasons that businesses today waste time is by not having the right resources and expertise. Cloud technology is continually evolving and changing. If you do not have dedicated IT staff or are trained in understanding Cloud computing, then you may find yourself stuck in the present. Evolving as a business alongside the evolution of technology is the only way not to get left behind.  

If you do not have the expertise required, you will be wasting time, money and resources trying to do work that the right person should be able to keep on top of for you. 

The Cloud is optimised best when data is organised and segmented in a way that is easy to understand and locate.  It’s very common for the Cloud environment to quickly get bloated with data, which can negatively impact performance and productivity. You will waste less time and money in the long run if you add cloud specialists to your team, or better yet, work with a third-party team of Cloud specialists.

Loss of control 

It’s essential to be in control of your data at all times. Without regularly analysing your Cloud environment, you won’t be able to understand the risks you face correctly.  

If your data is not entirely secure, you could end up paying a lot more in the long run, and you may see your productivity decrease over time.  

The most common Cloud security threats. 

Having control over your data is not only essential to avoid losing valuable information, but also to keep your business compliant. If you have not adequately assessed the risks of cloud computing and thought of solutions, sufficiently, you could be putting your business in some tricky situations with GDPR and security regulations.  

Ultimately, if you prepare yourself well for Cloud migration and plan for these obstacles, the Cloud will transform your business. It’s no secret that unlocking the potential of cloud computing in a business is a springboard into growth. It provides agility and if used correctly, can increase efficiency and productivity.  

Don’t fall victim to these Cloud obstacles. Ensure that your business is secure, productive and future proof.  

What are your cloud blindspots?

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365 Backup Blog

4 Key Reasons Why Microsoft 365 Backup Is Critical

Microsoft 365 is the perfect tool to ensure your business is prepared and stays ahead of the curve. However, Microsoft place the responsibility of backing up your sensitive data to you. You know your data best, and what your priorities and business needs are.  

Let’s break down the key reasons why backing up your 365 business data is so important. 

Unlimited storage & retention 

Although Microsoft 365 is a cloud solution, it does not include cloud backup. Microsoft will retain your deleted items for only 30 days, after that they are deleted, and when we say deleted, we really do mean it’s totally gone forever. Tiedata Managed Backup for Microsoft 365 plugs those retention gaps, ensuring nothing will fall through the cracks. 
We will keep an unlimited amount of data stored for an unlimited time frame. 
If you value your data, it’s worth investing in an advanced backup extension to your Microsoft 365, to ensure that everything stays safe. 

Keeping your data safe from cyber-attacks 

Ransomware is a kind of cyber-attack that finds unprotected data to use against victims by publishing it, unless a ransom is paid. The more data you have unprotected, or with insufficient protection, the more at risk your business is to being attacked. Backing up your emails, files and important data long term in a secure system will ensure that you don’t have to think twice or worry about potential cyber-attacks.  

Accidents can happen 

Believe it or not, the leading cause of loss of data is through human error. We’ve all been in a position where we panic to find something in our ‘recent’ folder, fearing that it’s lost forever! Thankfully even if those mistakes are made accidentally or maliciously by employees, everything you need will be safely backed up and accessible for years to come. 

Staying compliant  

Since GDPR regulations were enforced in May 2019, it’s become the priority of organisations ensure that they are complying by data regulations and best practices. If you keep sensitive or private information of employees, customers or investors insufficiently safe, you could be at risk of large business (and expensive) repercussions. Tiedata’s Microsoft 365 backup enables you to not have to worry about staying compliant. Everything is covered, no matter which device, program or user it comes from. Not only that, but we will update our systems as regulations and best practices update to ensure that you never have to stress about it again.  

Microsoft 365 solutions are central to the efficient running of numerous global businesses. We all use our email, calendar and files every day for multiple pieces of information. Whether you have a lot of sensitive data or not, it’s always best to consider whether your users are safe, and your business is future proof. Investing in Tiedata’s Microsoft Managed Backup for Microsoft 365 is not only a good idea, but is something we think is vital for any organisation to remain safe, secure and successful.  

Check out our online pricing tool to see just how affordable securing your business critical 365 data can be.