Our Early Thoughts on Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft announced late last year that there will be a successor to Microsoft (MS) Office 2016, the non-subscription version of the popular application suite. Read our article to find out more about what we know so far.


How to Identify Spam, Spoof and Phishing E-mails

As detailed by Symantec in their 2017 threat report, 1 in 131 e-mails contained malware, the highest rate in five years. With the threat to security on the rise we collated some of the best tips to remember when a suspicious looking e-mail finds its way into your inbox. Read our article to find out what to look out for.


Windows 10 Features you’ll wish you Discovered Sooner

Windows 10 will be celebrating it’s 3 year anniversary this year so we thought we would share with you some of the hidden features to help boost productivity and efficiency and to give your PC your own personal touch.

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Support for Microsoft Office 2010 is reaching its endpoint

As Windows 10 approaches its 3 year anniversary in 2018, support for older versions of Microsoft products is coming to an end. All support for Microsoft Office 2007 ends this year but how long does Office 2010 have before it becomes unsupported? Read our article to find out and to learn more about how it could affect your business.


10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Why are so many businesses migrating to the cloud? It could be because cloud computing can help businesses save money, increase productivity, and it offers a lot of other benefits.
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