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Top tips for building a thriving remote workforce | Tiedata

Remote working has become a necessary adjustment for thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes over the past year. Even if an entire workforce has always been based in an office space, companies have learned how to equip that workforce to still be productive at home. It can be a real challenge, especially when security, collaboration and equipment policies all need updating.

Thankfully we’ve learnt a lot from 2020, and there are a variety of technology solutions that can help your business in 2021. Here’s our top tips to equip your employees to work efficiently whether they’re on the go, in the office or remote.

1. Embrace digital transformation

Digital transformation effectively is the process of optimising new technologies to help your business evolve with the times and remain as successful as possible. Technology has adapted to the change in work habits – embracing these new technologies is a smart move.

Check out this IT checklist to ensure that all your digital processes are updated and suitable for remote workers.

2. Boost connectivity

Have you ever been in a video call meeting where someone freezes halfway through a critical update? Has that person ever been you? If so, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Home WiFi networks can be slow and unreliable in comparison to high-speed office WiFi. It’s understandable, especially in lockdowns where often multiple people are trying to access YouTube, CBeebies, and work calls all at the same time!

remote working

Having access to the right IT support provider will help you roll out connectivity support across multiple locations and devices. If your employees are connected with minimal dropout, they will be more productive and be able to collaborate and work together more efficiently.

3. Use the right collaboration tools

There are hundreds of collaboration tools out there, and many new ones that have popped up this year. It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Our best advice is simple – You don’t need to use every single one. But ask the question – which ones will benefit your business?

When you find tools and apps that suit your specific business needs, implement them across your entire workforce to increase efficiencies and create continuity company-wide. Microsoft offers a myriad of useful tools and add-ins, specifically designed with businesses like yours in mind.

Take a look at our recent blog to discover the benefits of Microsoft cloud solutions and our top two favourite apps.

4. Stay secure

remote working

This is arguably the most important thing to implement going into 2021. Is your data safe? Are your employees safe online? What are your blind spots? When working remotely, the likelihood is that your employees could be using insecure networks or devices and sadly, hackers know this and have been taking advantage of it. We’ve seen a phenomenal rise in cyber-attacks since the pandemic struck in early 2020.

However, don’t let data security hinder you from effectively enabling a remote workforce in 2021. It’s clear now that antivirus software alone is not enough to protect your business from the latest cyber threats, but there are many solutions you can utilise. Advanced cybersecurity solutions and multi-cloud security can protect all data stored in the cloud and provide coverage for all connected remote devices.

To stay ahead of hackers, take a look at these recent scam emails that have appeared this year. Do recognise these common COVID-19 phishing scams?

Be a resilient business

While times ahead may still be challenging, every business can make a few simple changes to ensure your workforce is equipped and productive.

Discover how Right Legal Group formulated an airtight IT plan to support their business through COVID-19.

Tiedata IT support team are experts in their field and have been protecting both office-based and remote workers for decades. It is more than possible for your business to be more successful than last year with the right technology to support you.

Set your business up to thrive when working remotely, not just survive.

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