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Overcoming IT Challenges Faced in the Legal Sector

Working with clients in the legal sector we know that storing, managing and protecting data is essential. Legal practices need IT solutions that they can rely upon to increase productivity and keep sensitive information safe.  

Technology is continuously evolving and transforming organisations worldwide, which can seem like a worrying concept for more traditional law firms. However, digital transformation is just as crucial for those in the legal sector and can be an excellent strategic move. Having IT services that are streamlined, modern and secure will make your whole organisation more efficient and help you to gain back valuable time.

Top 3 challenges to overcome 

1. Work better remotely  

Accessibility to data, programs and networks is vital, particularly in the current climate. Whether you’re working from the office, in court or at home, having the information that you need at your fingertips will make all the difference. Having a hosted infrastructure means that your whole team can access everything that they would typically be able to access in the office, with no exceptions. 

Optimising Microsoft 365 backup, storage, and cloud solutions will make sure that you can get straight to work, no matter where you are. Tiedata tailor every cloud solution to individual clients. Whether you require comprehensive cloud security, want a public, private or hybrid cloud, or want to use robust cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure  – we have what you need.

2. Trustworthy data handling 

Data Privacy protection

Data in the legal sector is often of the highest sensitivity and confidentiality. You need to trust that your sensitive data is being handled professionally by experts who know what they’re doing. There are a multitude of data security and compliance services on offer including GDPR reporting, intrusion protection and vulnerability testing.

Partnering with Tiedata will ensure that you also receive 24/7 support, bespoke data management plans and business continuity solutions to ensure you can keep doing what you do best with minimal downtime, no matter what challenges or incidents occur.

3. Comprehensive cyber security

The best way to protect your data is to ensure that you and your team are aware of the threats you face. Security Awareness Training is an easy and accessible way to cover every end-user, device and network that your team engage with. In light of recent research that shows 97% of all employees struggle to reliably identify phishing emails (Barracuda Networks) – cyber security training is a no-brainer.  

When you are a busy professional who receives hundreds of messages and emails per day, training is all the more critical. Even the best of us can be fooled by hacker’s sophisticated attacks on a busy day, and with phishing attacks on the rise since COVID-19, this is a crucial investment to make.  

If you manage to be efficient on the go and access your data securely, this will only help boost and streamline your work.  

Tiedata can help

We know that technology is ever-changing so, it is best to be prepared for every circumstance or potential crises. 

Get in touch with our experts at Tiedata to overcome the IT challenges faced in the legal sector. Don’t let your success be hindered, act now.