IT Business Continuity Checklist 2020

Assessing your company’s remote work capabilities

Working from home has been seen by many, as a short-term situation. However, it now seems this will become a longer-term way of operating with many employees working from home exclusively due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

We have produced an IT Remote Working Business Continuity Checklist to help you assess your company’s work capabilities.

Is My Business Prepared?





Have you updated your work-from-home policy in the last 12 months?

Have you communicated policy and expectations for all employees now working from home?

Do you need to acquire more phones/laptops to ensure all employees have a sanctioned device?

Do you have enough VPN licenses to issue them as needed?

Does the employee have sufficient Internet access to perform their job?

Have you identified if remote employees have access to systems or platforms required to successfully perform their job?

I.E. Cloud applications

Is your company able to provide secure measures to avoid cyber attack risks when working remotely?

I.E. Protected Wi-Fi; VPN Connection; Multi-Factor Authentication

Do you need to make adjustments to your IT budget to deliver necessary resources?

Do you need to offer remote work security training to your staff?

Do you know if your users are using their ISP router/firewall only?

Do you feel that with remote working, security has become weaker – as you’re solely relying on VPN for security?

If employees are using their own devices for remote working, are you aware if they have anti-virus or updates enabled?

TieData can offer you a FREE comprehensive remote working security suite for 60-days for up to 250 users. From protecting VPN connections to optimising login experience by integrating Cloud applications with a single sign-on process, authentication is a smart and simplified avenue to protect your remote workforce.

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