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Why Security Awareness Training is crucial during remote working

There has never been a more important time for organisations to adopt a cyber secure working culture than now. The current influx of remote working has greatly increased the risk of cyber-attack. Even the best antivirus and security solutions cannot totally defend from the biggest security risk – your users!

97% of all breaches start with an email attack and 97% of all employees can’t reliably identify phishing emails. * Barracuda Networks

While companies are focussing on how to keep their teams productive whilst working remotely, how securely they are working is usually overlooked. Here are our top three reasons why organisations need to take a proactive approach to security awareness training in the workplace:

Work from home employees do not consider organisational cyber security
It sounds irresponsible, but when you think about it, the work from home life is a significant change for many employees. Many will be juggling family life with online meetings and adjusting to a new work life balance, unfortunately cyber security will be the last thing on their minds.

Almost all cyber-attacks start with a phishing email
97% of all breaches start with an email attack. From an email attack, the bad guys can directly access an organisation’s devices, credentials, applications…you name it! The best form of defence is to train your teams up, so they can detect a malicious email from the start.

New remote working world, new tactics of the Cybercriminal
Cybercriminals are great at making their schemes seem familiar to their targets, your users. Traditionally, methods such as requesting payments disguised as finance staff have worked a treat, but now cybercriminals are adjusting to the new remote working culture. For example, we are seeing an increase in video conferencing related attacks on platforms such as Zoom, where the average user isn’t clued up on all the available security settings. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to continue.


Security Awareness Training may be the silver bullet your organisation is looking for. The main purpose is to educate the user, not just on what malicious content looks like, but also of their importance in participating in a secure working culture.

Get in touch with Tiedata today to discover how to make your users the first line of defence in your organisation’s cyber security strategy but utilising our Security Awareness Training.

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